Why Should Only Bad Guys Have Guns?

Why Should Only Bad Guys Have Guns?

My question is: why should only bad guys have guns?

This constitutional right is there to protect good law-abiding people from dangerous unlawful people. Our Founding Fathers knowing human nature sought to give this right to bear arms for citizens to protect themselves and their families from bad actors.

Yet, some people, mostly democrats, want to demonize the weapon itself, and unconstitutionally deny access. Never mind that a gun cannot fire itself.

I understand the sympathy, and empathy, we have when people lose loved ones, but that is no reason to make policies that only beget more danger. The problem is that many people incorrectly characterize this issue. Taking recent events into consideration, what if one of those teachers in Uvalde, TX had a weapon? Perhaps some, if not all, of those people would still be alive today.

It is a bold-faced lie to even insinuate that criminals would surrender their guns. Hello! They are criminals. That means they do not obey the law. If the government ever mandated surrendering firearms, the only people who would do so would be the very ones who need them – the good citizens who would then be mercilessly victimized by gun-toting criminals. Further, this is one way to guarantee mayhem on a level never before seen on American soil. Hence, the reason we have constitutional protection of the right to bear arms in the 2nd Amendment of the Bill of Rights.

Here is a good illustration to drive this lesson home. Think of your digestive system – yes, your gut. What goes on in there is like the workings of a mini factory, where food goes in, is broken down by enzymes and bacteria, of which there are good and bad bacteria. The nutrients are then extracted from the food and brilliantly distributed to and used by the various systems in our bodies. (Pardon the oversimplification.) Everyone has bad bacteria. A good digestive system is not necessarily one without bad bacteria, but one where the good bacteria vastly outnumber the bad bacteria. Similarly, the answer to the gun problem is not less guns – or no guns as the democrats would like to have it – in the hands of good people, but more guns in the hands of good people to combat the guns in the hands of bad actors.

So, my response is, let us not take the guns away from good people so that we are unprotected when bad people threaten lives such as has happened in such mass shootings as the NY subway, Buffalo grocery store, and now the elementary school in Uvalde, TX. This last occurrence, is especially egregious as more facts emerge as to what actually occurred, including the hesitancy of local law enforcement to get involved – that delay possibly caused more lives than it should have. It is too heartbreaking to even consider. May we learn from these incidents instead of using them to take useless potshots to score political points. That only increases the dangers and opportunities for these events to continue take place

America needs solutions from her leaders not the same old political jousting that has been going on for years. It is high time for change. The American people deserve it! We want to rally around our leaders but not when they forget that we are the ones who put them there to do the right thing by us. which begins with protecting the lives of Americans. Short of that, they need to be voted out of office and their jobs given to those who would protect our constitutional rights. Good people should never be forced to endanger themselves and their families by surrendering their right to bear arms.

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