The Real State of the Union

The Real State of the Union

We recently witnessed the state of the union address by Joe Biden. I’m not sure what reality he lives in but the great news of where we are as a country simply is not true. Who do they think believes that? We are all feeling something different in our pocketbooks at the gas pumps with gas between $4 and $7 in the nation.

We are feeling it in the grocery store with scarcity and inflated prices driven by that scarcity, as well as the supply lines slowdown. And how about the inflated housing market both for purchases and renters. Inflation, to be honest, has a detrimental effect on all of us but particularly on the poor and lower economic classes.

Unless you are blind, you are not fooled by the pie-in-the-sky words of the democrats and particularly the far left contingent of the party. America needs help! Who will rise up to help her? Clearly it must be the citizens who care about this country who must step out from the shadows and say, “count me in!” I want to do my part. Will you?

Let’s face it, you do not have to be a political pundit or public policy expert to see what is going on in our nation. It’s been clear for years that Washington, D.C. leadership seems completely disconnected from the normal life of everyday Americans, like you and me. They pat themselves on the shoulder – in public – for the stellar job they’re doing when we all know the reality is otherwise. Let’s take a look at a few areas of pain.

Inflation, as I mentioned above, and its effects on the prices of everything, is simply unacceptable. What is the reason, failed democratic policies such as closing off our energy industry and driving us back into dependence on other nations for our energy? This affects everything including the security of the nation. ( Current US Inflation Rates: 2000-2022 | US Inflation Calculator  ). Two years ago, we were paying $1.89 at the pumps. The Biden Administration pushing forward AOC’s Green New Deal attacked that energy independence by shutting down the Keystone Pipeline, robbing that industry of thousands of jobs as well as the shale rock that produces natural gas. Our nation is rich in energy resources but without the ability to tap into them, we will continue to be dependent on other nations.

In addition, our borders are in shambles and catastrophically porous, allowing illegal immigrants to enter the county by droves. Many of these individuals are criminals, who are often bringing in drugs and facilitating the increase of human trafficking. Many children are being trafficked and sold because the hands of the border authorities are tied. Millions have come across at the invitation of this Administration. Crime in our cities and spreading into our suburbs is on the rise.

In summary, democratic policies have brought our constitutional republic to an abyss that only immediate action by the right people with the right policies can even hope to correct. We must correct course now. Policy has gotten us into this mess and only policy will be able to get us out.

Let’s recall the ones who have gotten us into this mess and replace them come November. That goes for ineffective republicans who side with democratic policies that are clearly wrong for our country. We the people must take back our country.

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