Auriol Sonia Morris is a proud Candidate for the 6th congressional district of South Carolina. Morris’ background in business, education, and law, along with her personal medical history, has over the last few decades, prepared her to serve in this capacity. This, coupled with her desire to see genuine change in the direction of the country and the lives of those who need it most, has inspired her to run for Congress in 2022.

Morris is a current Ph.D. candidate for Law and Public Policy; she holds a Juris Doctorate in Law and a Master’s in Public Policy. Her Bachelor’s degree was in the Philosophy of Politics and Law (magna cum laude). She currently holds securities licenses Series 7 & 66 and is a former business professor in China. In the earlier stages of her career, Rolm Systems Northeast Division (an IBM subsidiary) hired her to oversee the Labor Distribution Program for their Northeastern operations, and later with IBM-Endicott as a Systems Control Specialist. She also oversaw the PREMIS program, an address error reduction system for the expansion of the AT&T and the Baby Bells’ 911 Emergency Response System. Morris later went on to manage enrollment at Regent Law School in Virginia Beach and was a Co-Chaplain for the School of Government, where she also interned as a delegate in the Virginia House of Delegates.

Morris is the daughter of a West Indian education pioneer, who led the first successful teachers‘ strike to increase salaries. As a grassroots “lawyer, though not formally one, he never lost a court case in protecting his land. He also helped hundreds of families, over the course of three decades, to legally immigrate to the U.K., U.S., and Canada. He eventually emigrated his own family to the U.S. in the late 1970s. This is how Morris came to grow up in Greenwich, CT.

During her first year in her new country, Morris’s newly discovered art talent had her artwork displayed in local banks. Still one of her passions, Morris enjoys painting and drawing with her favorite media of acrylics and pastels. This passion for art would later play a significant role in her recovery from a life-threatening illness. She also enjoys worshiping at the piano, a good game of tennis, board games, traveling especially to sunny destinations, and languages. She continues her study of Chinese and is conversant in Spanish.

Morris‘s passion and purpose came together after her stroke and paralysis from a brain arteriovenous malformation (AVM), a clump of veins and arteries the size of a plum situated in a precarious place in her brain. Few people had survived a bleed in this area. If she survived, she was expected to live out her life in a persistent vegetative state in a facility. Nevertheless, through God’s grace and miraculous power, prayers from her loved ones and church family, and with great determination, Morris regained her abilities to walk, talk, read, write, and other basic life functions that most people take for granted. However, through this illness, she became more intimately aware of who God really was and His power to reveal Himself, break into our storms, heal, and restore. Even when hope seemed lost and her prognosis was grim, Morris knew it was just a passing phase. In the seven years after her paralyzing stroke, she earned two graduate degrees, therefore, accomplishing more than in her thirty years prior.

Morris’s decision to run as a Republican stem from scholarly analysis, observation of party platforms and their resulting policies, and wide experience in the private sector. Her worldview is determined by her faith in Jesus Christ. Therefore, she believes public policy is tasked with uplifting and benefiting the people, addressing root causes in the long-term, and not just applying Band-Aids in the short term. Morris wants to see families whole and thriving, not dependent upon big government’s thinly veiled attempts at enslavement. She is concerned about the theories and groupthink of the elite that do not result in true benefits to everyday Americans.

Morris is, therefore, asking the people of South Carolina to think independently, research issues, draw their own conclusions, be open to conversations, and avoid being told what and how to think and vote. She is asking them to choose freedom, independence, and empowerment over dependence, disenfranchisement, and enslavement. As God’s creations, regardless of one’s race, socio-economic, or educational background, she believes in the freedom to think and draw our own conclusions without being bullied or belittled into one mindset to suit someone else’s narrative.

Morris is excited about her journey and continuing to meet the constituents of the 6th district of South Carolina. She welcomes the opportunity to work with those who are like-minded as well as those who think differently and are open-minded and welcome informed discourse. That’s what makes America, America! “The land of the free and the home of the brave.”

Since her illness almost three decades ago, which was soon after her IBM medical benefits lapsed, Morris had to rely on the U.S. government’s medical insurance to cover her brain surgery and other therapies that allowed her to regain her independence and viability as a member of society. Her desire then was to someday repay that debt. And it was then that she made a vow to God that if ever her country needed her, she would use what she had gained to help her country. That time has come, when in 2021 through a series of events she “felt the tap on her shoulder” that the time had come to make good on that vow to serve this nation and in what capacity it was to be. Morris is ready to serve the nation that welcomed her family to its shores over four decades ago and took care of her medical needs when there seemed little hope. The nation that helped her make her comeback is now in need of one itself. She believes God saw that the 6th District of South Carolina was the best fit for her gifts, talents, and experience to its need for recovery and revitalization. Her “comeback” will be used to facilitate its comeback, especially around education and business opportunities.

She is happy to elaborate on her comeback story as she campaigns and meets the constituents of the sixth district.

May God bless the 6th District and the state of South Carolina and may God bless the United States of America!