CRT & Reparations

CRT & Reparations

The Dangers of Critical Race Theory

Critical Race Theory, or CRT as it is commonly called, is nothing but hogwash – to use a scholarlyterm. It is a concept used to divide us along ethnic color lines. Its founders tell us, based on the 1619 project, that all white people, regardless of age, worldview, or personal family history, are automatically oppressors.

Well, you know where this is going. The corollary is that all Black people, or people of color, are oppressed. I patently disagree! I am looking at my brown skin as I write this, and, alas, I’m not oppressed.

This is simply brainwashing, and it must stop, but it won’t until cooler heads prevail. The theory here is that if you repeat nonsense often enough it will take hold and be accepted as truth.

And to a degree that is clearly the case. Yet, it’s inconceivable that this ridiculous concept should take hold in various branches in our government and unfortunately our schools. So much of what our government is supposed to be doing, it is not, but instead sticks its nose where it doesn’t belong.

The fact is, no one is oppressing me or getting in the way of God’s best for me. The only oppressors on the scene are those trying to rob me of my freedoms. These are the real oppressors. These are the same people who have made us wear masks when they admitted they do nothing, told us the virus didn’t come from China when it did, want to force me to be injected with a substance without any guarantees or accountability, locked us in our homes for 2 years, closed our church doors and curtailed our travel. No, the oppressor is you, Mr. Big Government!

Now they’re trying to convince us that a helpless little white baby in her carriage is an oppressor. I know, they’ll say I’m taking this to ridiculous extremes, but am I? In fact, there’s a book called, “Anti-Racist Baby” by Ibram X. Kendi, to which Senator Ted Cruz referred during Judge Ketanji Brown Jackson’s Supreme Court Senate confirmation hearings. This book states that babies should confess when they are being racist. Yes, you read that right. Keeping in mind, this book is for children in Pre-K to second grade. What’s interesting is that It’s on the reading list of the Georgetown Day School, of which Judge Jackson has been a board member since 2019. Other books at this school are “CRT: An Introduction” and “The End of Policing.” And this very capable woman, yes, woman, is a candidate for the United States Supreme Court. Let that sink in. Similar books by other authors are “Woke Baby” by Mahogany L. Browner, and “Feminist Baby” by Loryn Brantz. These extremes only expose the flaws in these ridiculous concepts. Yet, there are those whose eyes will still be wide shut while continuing to accept and swallow this nonsense hook, line, and sinker.

But let’s go a bit further. If we’re going to accept this way of thinking, teaching it to our poor unsuspecting children, then we must also reject the teachings of Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. “Shocking!” you say? We must, because the two concepts are mutually exclusive. Dr. King’s basic message was that it was wrong to judge a person simply based on skin color. CRT says the very opposite: that skin color is in fact the determining factor in who a person is. Yet, Dr. King said, no, it’s not the skin color but the content of a person’s character. So, while we are throwing out these biblical teachings of one’s individuality and worth, we must also cancel Martin Luther King Day, commemorating the contributions and ultimate sacrifice of this fallen hero. All the programs that go with it must be cancelled as well.

Now we have a problem. What do we do with the whole Civil Rights movement he started and the subsequent congressional acts and all resulting public policies that it birthed, including the desegregation of our society? Well, those must go, too. And while we’re at it, we might as well go back to the plantation because, my friend, this is plantation-like thinking! Those subscribing to CRT are really saying that whites are superior to blacks and blacks are subservient to and oppressed by white. This is plantation thinking. No, this is plainly wrong so let’s reject it now! Our ancestors helped this country achieve the greatness it has gained so we need to realize that we also own it!

Say “No” to Reparations Because We Own It!

How do we own it? We own a significant stake in its advancements! They may have come on the backs of our fore-parents, but that is why we must use their gains to advance and help others in their own advancement. This is our nation, too, and we need to stop with the plantation-like thinking that someone owes us something. With the same brushstroke of tossing aside CRT, let’s throw out the theory of reparations for slavery. The call for reparations for four hundred years of slavery may seem fair but it is like the CRT theory in that it, too, is seeking to divide us along color lines. I don’t want Massa’s forty acres and a mule. Let me work to build my own dream with my God-given talents, skills, and abilities. I’m a serial entrepreneur whom God has given many gifts, talents, and skills. I just have not had the big time yet. And the more I think about it the more I realize not all those business ideas were for me to pursue anyway. Some ideas are to be given to others or used for partnerships. I still believe that many of my ideas will bring forth much success at the right time.

Few business ventures hit it out of the ballpark on their first try. That is unless the person, group, or company has excellent support. The success of any enterprise is rarely based solely on the greatness of the idea alone. Timing, Team, Technology, and Marketing are vitally important to the success of any venture. You need financial and human capital to bring a product or service to market. Statistics show that most business start-ups fail within the first five years. That’s why during T.V. shows like Shark Tank, we root for entrepreneurs when the “Sharks” invest in their ideas.

I am not saying that the institution of slavery was anything less than barbaric. And the scourge of four hundred years of African slavery marks America’s otherwise stellar history. It’s a stain that no number of reparations could ever erase. Additionally, slavery was worldwide, not just in America. It even existed in Africa when warring tribes would enslave each other’s captured. But should the descendants of historical oppressors be forced to pay the descendants of the oppressed? Where would the money come from? Who would find and match the groups? Even if it were a broad government program, it is a slippery and expensive slope to go down.

I agree that this seems like a  fair course of action, and surely an argument can be made. But I have appropriately used the term “historically” because it’s in the past, and the best “fix” is to never repeat it. Learning from history is in fact the best use of history. But if we punished descendants for what their ancestors did, where would it end? And why should we drudge up the ugliness of that spirit again?

Truly, such a monstrous task would indeed create its own monster. What level of division would that create, beyond what we have now? Can a nation that was once almost destroyed from within by an institution that caused a crippling civil war, withstand a similar resurgence? We should never test that theory.

To my Black brothers and sisters, I’ll say it again; but for our fore-parents, America would not have become the dominant and powerful force that it is today. And while many in our nation have lost much ground in the last 2 years with the COVID pandemic response compounded by bad public policy, it is not too late to save the republic. We need to accept our part-ownership in this great experiment called America. We need to accept our ownership of what it has become – good and bad. We exercise this ownership not by illegal and immoral means, but by taking advantage of opportunities available to us.

We also need to take responsibility for where we’ve contributed and participated in accepting the lies that we are less and that we need Big Government to be our Daddy. I hope you know what I mean. We, as a people are quite capable of using what has been left to us and building upon it. We most certainly were given a raw deal but guess what? Many other people groups in the world have as well. Yet, God can and often takes the ugly and makes it beautiful.

Consider the plight of Joseph, a historical person not just a Bible character. This Hebrew prince was sold into slavery by his own brothers, wrongly accused of raping his benevolent boss’s wife, all because she was unsuccessful in seducing him. For his “crime,” he was sent to prison for about 13 years. While in prison, he correctly interprets the dreams of important palace personnel with access to the pharaoh. Even after this, he was forgotten – until his gift was needed.

Most people know this story and how it ends. When Joseph was needed in the public square, he could not be held down by anyone because that God-given gift called him forth and he stepped through the open door of opportunity to become the second most powerful ruler in the Egyptian empire. A slave became the master of his masters. How did this happen? When Pharaoh called, he not only wanted his dream interpreted, but he also wanted the interpreter to tell him what he had dreamt. Joseph did so successfully, and the result was not only the salvation of Egypt from famine but also his own nation, Can

Do you see the parallels in this story? Even egregious injustices can be changed into life-giving nation-saving family-reconciling miracles! Yes, we as a people have suffered grave injustices, yet a nation was built – we helped build it. Now, I ask you to join me in helping to save it!

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